Connect to CIP Safety with IXXAT Safe T100

The IXXAT Safe T100 safety module from HMS now supports the CIP Safety protocol according to CIP Volume 5 V2.14. IXXAT.jpgPreviously available for PROFIsafe, the new IXXAT Safe T100/CS, enables easy, module-based implementation of secure IOs for CIP Safety.

IXXAT Safe T100 is an all-in-one safety solution allowing users to implement configurable, safe inputs and outputs in applications up to SIL 3 and PLe Cat.4.

The Safe T100 module is integrated into an industrial device used together with the Anybus CompactCom multi-network communication products. CompactCom handles communication between the host device and an industrial network (such as PROFINET or EtherNet/IP), while the Safe T100 handles the safe signals.

By using the new IXXAT SafeT100/CS, users can implement safety standards faster and easier compared to in-house development.
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