IT Solutions

Routeco's IT Solutions division ensures that you have access to a full range of hardware, software, data centre, data storage and networking products which complement our core industrial control and automation portfolio.

With technology continuously evolving, we recognise the need for IT products within a manufacturing environment and offer a wide portfolio working with partners such as Cisco, Dell, Panasonic and Panduit. As a Rockwell Automation supplier we can supply your Rockwell Software preloaded onto the device of your choice to ensure that you have no additional setup and installation time to contend with after your purchase.


We offer tailored product solutions for your specific needs:
  • We are Dell, Panasonic Toughbook and Panasonic Toughpad registered partners
  • Kitting in conjunction with Automation products - Routeco have experience in supplying kits of materials, so we can ensure you get the optimum configuration
  • 'Ready to Run' service - the computer hardware, and any options, are installed and the software is loaded. The complete package is then shipped to the customer and straight out the box is then 'ready to run'

 For more information, support or to speak to our IT specialist please contact 01908 359293 or email [email protected]