Drives and Motion

Our drives and motion portfolio includes the complete Rockwell Automation range and encompass partner products. The range includes servo, stepper, and traditional induction motor solutions.

Our experienced product specialists can provide assistance with product selection and optimisation for your application requirements. Using the experience within the team we can assist in the selection and provision of the mechanical machine items ensuring a smooth integration of the solution that allows you to take advantage of new technology immediately.


We are experienced in the use of motion analyser and third party sizing tools to provide an optimised solution for your motion control application.

Here at Routeco we offer training that is focused on helping our clients produce a workforce that is ready to meet any challenge, we can provide training and support for your engineers empowering them to be self-sufficient and ultimately; improve production, lower turnover and increase employee morale.




Our consulting services may include investigation of the present machine operation, supporting calculations and evaluations of web transport and geometry components. Observations are documented with concise solutions and recommendations are made for your application needs.








Working alongside third parties, Routeco can assist and advise you throughout the installation process of your variable frequency drives and motion control applications.










System Upgrades

We understand the benefit of using the latest technologies and protecting your investments, which allows us to provide you with the latest solutions and tools to make sure you stay at the forefront of the latest technologies, whilst reusing most of the existing hardware.









Free downloads

Here we have access to some exclusive guides from Rockwell Automation. These guides will be pivotal in selecting your next PowerFlex and Kinetix components. Just click the links below and they will open in a new tab, where you will be able to download.

  • The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex Selection Guides from Rockwell Automation can be downloaded by clicking here
  • The Allen-Bradley Kinetix Selection Guides from Rockwell Automation can be downloaded by clicking here