With many years experience in the manufacture of panel wiring systems, our fully trained wireman and assemblers offer a high level of service to our customers at all stages of the manufacturing process.

Utilising the extensive range of stock within our Milton Keynes Logistic Centre, we can provide fast turnaround of standard and custom build assemblies. If you are building the same or a similar combination of panel or rail assemblies on a regular basis, it may save you time and money by purchasing as a ‘ready to fit’ assembly.


Enclosed Soft Starts

Please see a list of features below:

  • Interlocked front access door with red/yellow isolator handle
  • Built in overload and selectable voltage ramp, kick start or current limit  starting
  • Stop/start push buttons
  • Soft stop as standard
  • Available as non-combination or circuit breaker disconnect
  • Broad size offering up to 1250A
  • Options include HIM and comms modules
  • Terminals for circuit breaker trip, soft start fault and E-Stop circuit 







Open DIN Rail / Busbar Mounting Starters

Please see a list of features below:

  • DOL/Reversing/Star-Delta Starters
  • Short Circuit coordination type 2 to IEC 60947-1
  • IEC and UL/CSA compliant
  • Motor switching using 100-C contactors
  • Isolation and motor protection using 140M motor protection circuit breakers
  • AC and DC control voltages
  • Range of auxiliary contacts available on contactor and breaker
  • 60mm centres on busbar versions
  • Other options available on request 








Enclosed Starters

Please see a list of features below:

  • DOL/Reversing/Star-Delta Starters
  • Moulded plastic/Sheet steel/Stainless steel construction
  • IP66 Protection
  • Short circuit coordination type 2 to IEC 60947-1
  • IEC and UL/CSA compliant
  • Start/stop/forward/reverse push button and isolator options
  • Electrical and mechanical interlocks on combination starters
  • AC control voltage 








Enclosed Drives

Please see a list of features below:

  • IP54 enclosed drive
  • 240V 1-phase and 415V 3-phase options
  • Internal PID loop and integral dynamic brake chopper
  • EMC filter included
  • Panel mount IP66 HIM unit
  • Incoming circuit breaker interlocked with front access door
  • Integral RS485 comms for multi-drop configurations
  • Programmable via Drive Explorer software










Custom Panel Assemblies

To satisfy the requirements of most operating environments, enclosed units are constructed using insulated, sheet steel or stainless steel enclosures and are available in a variety of sizes and in IP ratings appropriate to almost every industrial environment.






Custom Mounting Plate Assemblies

Often customers will require non-standard backplate assemblies in order to meet the specific configurations or requirements of machine construction. Routeco can build using 'free-issue' backplates or will source directly on the customers behalf.










Terminal Rail Assemblies

Suitable for customers requiring a combination of DIN rail assemblies on a regular basis, time and money can be saved by purchasing 'ready to fit' assemblies. This will save time cutting rail, mounting terminals and creating custom marking.