Migration Solutions

Representing a major capital investment, automation components, software, and systems are instrumental to the success of any manufacturing company but as older products approach the end of their expected life, the availability of parts and resources becomes more difficult and costly to obtain.

Today's automation systems offer unprecedented advancements in performance, flexibility and security, with the potential to provide you with a competitive edge. To capitalise on this, you need a forward thinking technical partner to help you prepare for the future and Routeco can assist in this area.



Migrating your Allen-Bradley PLC5 systems to ControlLogix

Rockwell Automation and Routeco can help you cost-effectively migrate to the latest ControlLogix® technology. The PLC-5 packaged migration offers end users, systems integrators and OEMs a way to systematically prioritise their migration requirements by migrating only one PLC-5 rack, leaving any connected devices, slave controllers and I/O racks in place. By migrating the core controller and chassis, you lay the foundation for future modernisation.

The PLC-5 packaged migration is ideal for discrete, straightforward applications communicating to devices and remote I/O racks on existing networks such as DH+ and remote I/O.

For assistance with your control system migration please contact us at [email protected]