Automation and Software

When designing your automation control system it is crucial to get your application right first time, on budget and fulfilling the specification of its intended use. With many varied platforms available within Rockwell Automation's portfolio of hardware and software, this task can appear to be daunting without specialist knowledge.

Routeco offers the facility to assist you in the creation of your system architecture best suited for the application. It could be a process in the pharmaceutical or food and beverage industry, or a special purpose assembly machine for manufacturing. It could also be a SIL2 system for the oil & gas sector or a redundancy solution for a data centre application.

Advice on a whole range of Rockwell Software packages could help you to improve plant efficiency, record historical data or automatically back up PLC code. Our team of specialists have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in reaching your goals, whatever the application.




Integrated Architecture Builder

Use Rockwell Automation's free IAB software to configure your Logix-based automation systems (including the PlantPAx process automation system).

Select hardware and generate bills of materials for applications including controllers, I/O, networks, drives, cabling & wiring, motion control, and other devices.

Check out for a range of the other useful free design tools for building and testing your control systems and networks and you can also click here for your free download