OEM Solutions

Helping machine builders to innovate

We can help you to significantly reduce cost and your time to market and ensure competitiveness in a global market place. Make the most of the Smart Machines revolution with market leading products and a team of specialists dedicated to helping you increase machine performance and efficiency.

OEM Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions and Services

Adding Value and Sustainability with Support

From contractual support on-line or on-site with asset management and repairs, to turn-key engineering and call-out with safety assessments, network services and training courses, all will maximise return on your investment.

Simplifying your System Integration

Migration tools for managing obsolescence

We can work with you to enhance your competencies and capabilities across multiple control disciplines in all industry sectors.

Industrial Enclosures and Wiring Products

Helping you to install quality components into your panel building processes

Providing the very best in electrical enclosures, switchgear and wiring accessories from our vast stock holding.

Routeco eBusiness Solutions

Utilising our secure eCommerce system, Routeco can offer a wide range of tailored B2B eSolutions to ensure maximum efficiency from your supply chain and increase the acurracy of your ordering and accounting processes.

Whatever your business system, Routeco will have a solution to speed up your procurement process and free up valuable resource in key departments. Our e-Solutions can offer you cost savings, not just by reducing the initial purchase price of the product, but through more efficient ordering, invoicing and delivery processes, all made possible by web-based systems.

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Latest News

Autonox Hygenic Design Robots_img

Autonox Hygenic Design Robots

Autonox24 have made the development and production of a robot mechanic to the highest hygiene standards of their business. Product safety is a top priority.

Identify Energy Wastage and Save Money with the PowerMonitor 1000_img

Identify Energy Wastage and Save Money with the PowerMonitor 1000

The Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1408 PowerMonitor 1000 is a cost-effective energy monitor that is ideal for your applications where load profiling, cost allocation, or energy optimisation is required.

What business improvements could you achieve by modernising?_img

What business improvements could you achieve by modernising?

Benefit from Modernisation with ProSoft Technology.

Check the business improvements you could make below to support this transition.

Addressing Your Industrial Power Quality Needs with Surge & Filter Protection_img

Addressing Your Industrial Power Quality Needs with Surge & Filter Protection

The 4983 Surge & Filter Protection product line is here to meet your industrial surge and filter protection requirements. Bulletin 4983 Surge & Filter Protection products are crucial for protection against internally generated transient and high frequency noise.

Hardy HI 6200 Single Channel Weight Processors_img

Hardy HI 6200 Single Channel Weight Processors

The Hardy HI 6200 series are either high performance single-channel Weight Processors featuring EtherNet/IP or Weight Transmitters featuring 4-20mA Analog communications. 

Rockwell Automation

         Routeco are the UK's Authorised Distributor for Rockwell Automation products

Routeco is an authorised distributor for Rockwell Automation products in the United Kingdom, Austria and Netherlands.

We created this solid partnership so that we are able to offer exceptional products, solutions and services that help you design, implement and support your industrial automation systems.

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Cisco IoT Industry Expert


Routeco is very proud to be recently appointed as Cisco's first Advanced Internet of Things Industry Expert Specialised Partner in the United Kingdom.

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