Pneumatically controlled machinery and systems are still a crucial part of today’s manufacturing industry. Whether it be utilised in Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, primary or secondary packaging or Automotive. Employed for the benefits of flexibility, cleanliness and speed it is vital that this element of manufacturing is designed correctly and supplied within the time constraints that the customer requires.

Here at Routeco we deliver Pneumatic components and assemblies as part of our offer to industry to compliment the supply of our extensive range of industrial automation and control equipment.




SMC Pneumatics

Beginning life in 1959 in Japan and now offering 12,000 basic pneumatic models with over 700,000 variants. With 5 manufacturing sites in Japan alone and 82 sales office across the globe and a further 50 subsidiaries complimented by production sites in the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy this has delivered a global market leading company. From air preparation through to actuators, sensors and control elements there is a complete range of pneumatic products available to fit the manufacturing requirements of the United Kingdom.

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Routeco in partnership

Following the announcement of the partnership with SMC, Routeco is capable of enhancing the already speedy deliveries from our own stock held in Milton Keynes. Routeco stock holds the majority of the standard off-the-shelf items for immediate delivery but also Routeco offer the facility and flexibility to manufacture assemblies and systems to the customers design. With branch locations across the United Kingdom Routeco has a local presence with the backup of a highly trained team of Pneumatics engineers we can offer the market leading product with a Market leading service.

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