Stratus ztC Edge

Each year the expectations increase - higher output, better quality, less scrap. What makes it harder is that your budgets aren’t also increasing.

Updating your aging, standalone computer equipment, and virtualising your industrial control applications, is one way to increase reliability and efficiency. But who has the spare time, resources, or skills to do this?

What would be ideal is a turnkey computing platform—one with virtualisation and reliability already built-in—so that you can deploy a redundant SCADA/HMI system quickly and easily. A secure, highly automated platform that’s specifically designed for the unique requirements of industrial edge computing. One that’s easy to set up, manage and maintain, and reduces your dependence on IT, allowing you to focus on running your plant—not your computers. ztC Edge is the answer

Ready to use in under 30 minutes, Stratus ztC Edge can instantly improve the reliability of your SCADA environment and reduce unplanned downtime. ztC Edge is a versatile, secure, highly automated industrial computing platform that helps under-staffed manufacturers increase productivity and reduce risk. A redundant pair of rugged hot-swappable nodes, with built-in virtualisation, automated recovery, and cloud-based systems health management services, ztC Edge helps plant engineers deliver industrialised IoT and control applications quickly, easily, and reliably.

Zero touch computing for your critical edge ICS.

Key benefits:

• Greater efficiency

With virtualisation host pre-loaded, automated VM and data protection, and hot swappable nodes that synchronize themselves, ztC Edge simplifies and shortens the time it takes to deploy, manage and maintain your critical applications, saving you time and effort.

• Improved security

With restricted USB ports, secure communication settings, trusted boot 1 , active directory integration, and easy-to-configure host-based firewall, you don’t need to be a security expert to secure your ztC Edge system.

• Less downtime

ztC Edge’s self-monitoring and self-protecting features help reduce unplanned downtime.

Because its virtualisation host software can be updated while the system is still running (without requiring a system reboot), customers experience less planned downtime also.

• More flexibility

ztC Edge’s rugged, compact, industrial form factor performs equally well in the control room, control panel, or shop floor, giving customers more choice.

Its automated capabilities make it suitable for unmanned stations, or remote, decentralized locations with limited resources. Stratus ztC Edge systems include many integrated and automated capabilities and eliminates the need for specialised IT skills.

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