1756-EN4TR EtherNet/IP Communication Module by Allen-Bradley

Enhancing the security of industrial control systems.

Rockwell Automation has released the 1756-EN4TR EtherNet/IP communication module. This module is one of the initial products using CIP Security protocol.

CIP Security provides a much more robust level of security for industrial control applications. CIP Security provides authentication of communication between authorised devices, ensures integrity to prevent tampering or modification of information, and confidentiality to prevent snooping or unauthorized disclosure of information.

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix system uses connections to establish communication links between devices. Bulletin 1756 Chassis-based communication modules help make those connections and implement network-based access control for users, devices, and networks in the 1756 chassis. Allen-Bradley offer a variety of modules that support EtherNet/I, DeviceNet, ControlNet, and other network protocols.

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