Micro800 Programmable Controller Family

Personalised Solutions for Your Micro Application Needs.

For a customised solution that provides basic control for standalone machines, turn to the Allen-Bradley Micro800 programmable logic controller (PLC) family. Available in different form factors, these micro controllers are optimised to deliver a Smart, Productive, Secure solution throughout all phases of your machine lifecycle: design, develop, deliver and engage, all at a micro application level.

Benefits include:

Cost-effective Solution

  • Reduce controller footprint by using plug-in modules to expand controller functionality.
  • Reduce hardware costs and meet operational needs by scaling machine with support for up to  eight. expansion I/O modules and 304 digital I/O points.
  • Produce reliable close loop control systems with embedded PID instructions and floating point calculations.

Easy to Install, Program and Maintain

  • Program controllers and other devices with ease using the Connected Components Workbench software.
  • Reduce programming time by leveraging user-defined functions (UDFs) and user-defined function blocks (UDFBs).
  • Shorten machine development time with up to 280 KB memory size and support for up to 20,000 programming steps.
  • Reduce wiring time with removable terminal blocks.

Connect Controllers Conveniently

  • Communicate easily to various devices through embedded Ethernet, Serial, and USB ports.
  • Complement new or existing third-party devices by connecting via EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, ASCII and Open Socket capabilities.
  • Control drives and communicate to other controllers with ease using symbolic addressing with client messaging.

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