Allen-Bradley safety I/O modules

Machine developers need to equip machines with more safety features than ever before.

To simplify the design and meet additional application requirements, Rockwell Automation offers seven new modules across three I/O platforms.

This allows developers to benefit from both local and decentralised safety I/O options, as well as a wide range of powerful attributes.

The new modules are characterised by shorter safety response times, more diagnostic functions and improved communication.

This will improve the competitiveness of the machines. In addition, the data structure and the graphical user interface are largely identical. This advantage in terms of programming and operation shortens design time, allows code reuse, and accelerates developer training.  

  • The Allen-Bradley Compact 5000 safety I/O modules provide local and decentralised security I/O for Compact GuardLogix 5380 security control and decentralised I/O for GuardLogix 5580 security control. The modules are characterised by shorter safety response times, help developers reduce costs and provide smaller and simpler machines. In addition, the modules provide additional diagnostic capabilities that allow users to quickly identify errors.


  • The Allen-Bradley ControlLogix CIP safety I/O modules provide local safety I/O for GuardLogix 5580 controllers in larger applications that require a high-density I/O solution. These chassis modules simplify configuration and reduce the required control cabinet space because no adapter is required. The modules are also suitable for decentralised safety I/O.

  • The Allen-Bradley FLEX 5000 safety I/O modules are ideal for applications where fixed field closures are required for vertical and horizontal assembly. The decentralised I/O modules can be operated under extreme environmental conditions and can be connected directly to copper and fiber networks. The FLEX 5000 platform offers decentralised security I/O for the Compact GuardLogix 5380 and GuardLogix 5580 controllers. 

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