Hands-on training and workshops

There is a growing skills gap in engineering in the UK. Training current employees is a great way to bridge that gap and encourage engagement.

Routeco offers a wide range of workshops and training programmes that are designed to be hands-on and engaging. Our associates have a wealth of experience and are passionate about the products they work with and at Routeco workshops they are there to share knowledge. We also work closely with our technology partners to ensure that you have access to the latest products and technologies and gain real life, hands-on experience and learn by doing. 

Our Market Development Manager, Darren Spearing, talks about the importance of hands-on training and options available from Routeco in the video below. 

Here are some of the hands-on workshops that we offer:

  • Micro800™ technical workshops: Learn about the Micro800™ platform and how to use Connected Components Workbench™ software.
  • Cyber security workshops: Learn how to protect your organisation and manufacturing plants from malicious hackers.
  • Mechatronics workshops: See the broad range of robot products and technology that Routeco can offer to improve your efficiency.
  • North American standards workshops: Learn about the standards that you need to meet in order to export to North America.
  • Smart devices workshops: Learn about the new products from Rockwell Automation that offer diagnostic information to help reduce downtime.

There are lots of options available – we host training at our customer service centres and other convenient locations but we’re also available to come and visit your site. Need training or information on a topic that isn’t covered? Get in touch using the from below.

We look forward to helping you bridge the skills gap and improve your engineering capabilities.

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