Rockwell Automation at Routeco Live

Routeco Live returns in April this year and is your chance to learn more about new products, solutions, and trends that will accelerate your readiness to embrace the automated future.

We work in a constantly transforming and evolving industry that requires to us to be ready to adapt to new challenges and opportunities. Routeco Live is a unique event that will have over 20 leading manufacturers in one room, on hand to offer support and advice on the latest innovations to help you optimise operations and secure a competitive edge.

This year, four new locations will host Routeco Live and this will be the fourth iteration of the successful industrial automation event.

You'll see the power and potential of an automated future with products and solutions from Routeco’s mechatronics partners who will exhibit robotics, cobots, smart vision, I/O Link Wireless, and end of arm tooling.

Over 20 of Routeco's manufacturing partners will be in attendance, including industry leaders, Rockwell Automation, sharing their expertise through engaging presentations. Learn about cyber security best practices, effective machine safety systems, the latest advancements in production visualisation with Optix, and exciting new product releases designed to deliver exceptional outcomes. Here’s some more detail about what Rockwell Automation will cover at the events.

Cyber security

With greater connectivity across business operations and manufacturing plant the risk posed by unauthorised cyber activities across networks rises. The potential consequences to production levels, quality and even safety are significant and can only be addressed by appropriate counter measures. In this talk, Rockwell Automation will highlight the risks along with appropriate actions to mitigate. If your business or clients use Ethernet, you don’t want to miss this.

Machine Safety

Operating any form of production machinery requires appropriate Safety systems to be both effective and compliant with legislation. In this presentation Rockwell Automation will highlight how effective Safety systems not only protect your personnel, your reputation and brand but also how productivity can be enhanced.

Paul Davies, ITD Technical Consultant and Team Leader at Rockwell Automation provides more insight about what Rockwell Automation will bring to Routeco Live, including focusing on scalabilty and how to leverage data that comes from machines to improve safety and productivity. 

Product Visualisation

The latest Visualisation systems not only give you a window into how your production and manufacturing plant is operating but also through enhanced connectivity and the ability to contextualise data, to provide real time analytics. Rockwell Automation’s latest development in this area is Optix, so join us to gain an insight on how this new solution can enhance your business.

New Products that deliver great outcomes

Rockwell Automation continues to develop and deliver new and innovative products and solutions. This session will give a quick overview of recent releases and develops and a taster of what is yet to come.

Find out more about Routeco Live, and register here.

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