How SMART is your business?

What production issues and business challenges are you currently facing?

In a world that is digital more than ever today and reliant on technology, we know from experience the issues businesses are facing now, especially when it comes to IIoT and IT/OT convergence. In the case of IT/OT, the two have historically had separate business objectives, though now with IT Managers starting to converse more freely with the production staff and engineers, the business can be seen from a much larger scale and the intricacies of issues and flow more visible.


Here at Routeco we have the expertise to help you think about where your business currently is and to get you thinking about your SMART objectives for the future. Below are a few areas for you to think about.

Is your business:

  • Suffering network issues?
  • Perceiving your issues as software/hardware issues but it’s your failing infrastructure?
  • Secure from cyber-attacks?
  • Have you thought about network failure and the impact that could have on production? (think about real-time down time and financial loss)
  • Thinking about optimising profitability?


How SMART are you?

A good starting point is to understand where you are today. Which of the factories below best describe your current situation? 


Factory 'A'

Factory 'B'

Factory 'C'

       Picture1.jpg                   FactoryB-(1).png              FactoryC-(1).png

  • Unexplained downtime
  • No network infrastructure
    so isolated M/C’s and production
  • Production bottlenecks
  • Inefficient legacy manufacturing processes
  • Sporadic production?
  • Limited or Zero
    visualisation / analytics
  • Network enabled Machines
  • Evolved plant floor network infrastructure
  • Local visualisation and SCADA
  • Some diagnostic capability
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved manufacturing processes
  • Plantwide / business wide secure network
  • Identified and resolvable downtime
  • Total manufacturing
    process visibility
  • Real time metrics and analytics
  • Maximised productivity
  • Future proof and
    sustainable business 

Motion-Technical.JPG  Motion-Technical-(1).JPG  Motion-Technical-(2).JPG


To improve your ability to become SMART and be more like factory 'C' above, click here to continue and learn how to unlock the value of IIoT within your business.