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Our recommended next steps to becoming SMART and enabling the IIoT in your business

If you are thinking about what you could change in your manufacturing facility to increase productivity, reduce downtime and gain value from the valuable data stored in your machines then here are some recommended next steps to help you on your journey to becoming SMART.


To help you realise your vision, Routeco will work with you in a consultative manner to understand your business needs, address your issues and help you to implement IIoT into your manufacturing processes.

To help get you started, here are a few pointers and topics to consider;



Audit your existing networks

Successful technology deployment depends on an accurate assessment of your organisation’s current network, security state, overall readiness to support the proposed solution, and compliance with policies and best practices. As you plan to deploy and support a new technology, application, architecture, or solution to address evolving requirements, you need to be sure your existing infrastructure can support it.








Design or upgrade your network infrastructure

Industrial Automation excellence starts with an optimized physical infrastructure. As networks converge, the physical infrastructure becomes even more critical to support the demands of real-time control, data collection, and device configuration. Each element of the physical infrastructure must be designed and deployed to ensure industrial networks and control systems provide sufficient performance margin within the specified environmental conditions.








Review your Cyber Security policies

As the reliance on our critical networks grows, so too does the frequency and complexity of cyber-attacks against them. This increasing complexity of threats means that traditional methods of securing infrastructure and sensitive assets are no longer adequate and a more robust, future-proof line of defence is required to combat the evolving nature of cyber-attacks.








Enable the data within your machines

To enable companies to derive value from their data more quickly, easily and incrementally, installing new control & automation components that allow for remote monitoring, machine performance, device heath and diagnostics, will all help with a 'predictive maintenance' strategy. At the enterprise level, these solutions offer more powerful ways to integrate plant-floor data into business intelligence strategies.








Protect your critical software applications

In today’s manufacturing landscape, seconds matter and downtime is critical. Your bottom line depends on your ability to keep your plant infrastructure up and running at all times. Downtime in your SCADA, HMIs, Historians and other critical Industrial Automation systems can mean lower yields, lost revenue, regulatory fines, compromised quality or a damaged reputation. To maximize your productivity and quality you need continuous availability and continuous visibility.









Maximise production with real-time data analytics

With the right tools, you can consolidate data from many sources, turning it into the kind of reporting, and analysis that can help you make informed business decisions. Capturing data is fundamental but data without context is not an asset. Converting data into working information capital and putting it into context is the ulitimate goal to increasing your profitability.


















Take action today!

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