Salt Separation Services



"Salt Separation Services Ltd is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and commissioning of bespoke Reverse Osmosis desalination equipment to the offshore, marine and process industries. 

Due to the nature of our business we are often guided by our clients into using specific control solutions, after our first project utilising Rockwell Automation products our relationship with Routeco has matured very positively. 

As our core business is marine based our engineers are often in remote locations with limited access to support, the provision of a software tool-kit now provides our service engineers with immediate access to the whole range of programming software we use, this has overcome the major issue we have had traditionally with other automation solution providers and this has enabled us to now actively promote the use of RA solutions on all projects where possible. The sales and technical backup provided by Routeco, only enhances the excellent product and the provision of immediate technical support from Routeco has proved essential.

Salt Separation Services Ltd complete all PLC and visualisation solution programming in-house and the reduction in programming and testing time over our previous default automation provider is remarkable, programming time has been reduced by approximately 50%, and software testing time has been reduced dramatically even with more and more complex systems, being manufactured."

Peter Matley, Commissioning Manager, Salt Separation Services Ltd

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