MCI Electrotechnics

MCI Electrotechnics strive to keep your business working. Specialising in industrial electronic and electrical engineering, they have built their reputation on excellent customer service as well as techincal expertise. They offer repair, design and manufacturing services to meet every business need.

Their loyal customer base can depend on a high standard of support. But the solutions they provide are also cost-effective. Wherever possible, they recycle and repair expensive components and return them in a like-new condition rather than buy or manufacture new ones.

MCI Electrotechnics can handle your maintenance and repair requirements, saving you the cost of a dedicated in-house team and all the hassle and expense that can incur.

If you need something innovative, a bit out of the ordinary, they can handle that too. MCI love being creative and are the perfect electronics partners to help customers overcome business challenges and turn innovative ideas into reality.



MCI Electrotechnics specialise in the following areas;

  • PCB and Control Panel Design

  • Repair and Maintanence

  • Control Panel Manufacture

  • Onsite Support and Engineering


MCI Electrotechnics have been a Routeco customer for many years and here is what they had to say about us;




"It's a pleasure to work with a company which not only understands and accomodates customer requests, but adds value to them through innovative applications and ideas"

Ian McIntosh, MCI Electrotechnics Ltd



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