Cognex - In-Sight 2800
The new In-Sight 2800 vision system combines deep learning technology with traditional rule-based vision tools to solve a wide range of applications.

From simple presence/absence detection to advanced categorisation and sorting tasks, In-Sight 2800 provides an easy to deploy solution for error-proofing.
High-Performance Hardware
For new users
Easy-to-use presence/absence classifier
• No Vision knowledge required

• No Deep Learning knowledge required

• Example-based, point-and-click
In-Sight 2800 - for new users
For machine vision practitioners
Concept to deployment in minutes
• Simplifies existing applications

• Simplifies deep learning application

• Extensible SW platform to all In-Sight
In-Sight 2800 - for practitioners

Solve applications
within minutes

In-Sight 2800
point-and-click interface

Wire up logic
within minutes

In-Sight 2800
maths tool

within minutes

In-Sight 2800
Fully factory
In-Sight 2800

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