Integrated Technician NEMA 4X/IP66

HI6020. Junction Box and Summing Cards. Integrated Technician NEMA 4X/IP66 Stainless Steel

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Technical Specification
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Features and Benefits
  • The Hardy HI 6020 Summing box is a critical component in a weighing system that enables use of Hardy’s core technologies - C2® electronic calibration and Integrated Technician® (IT).
  • Each summing box distributes excitation voltage to up to four load cells and transfers each load cell’s performance characteristics and weight signals to the Hardy weighing instrument. A summing card with IT allows a weighing
  • instrument operator to switch to the summing card’s internal test circuit and diagnose the entire weighing system from the front panel of the instrument or a remote location over the Internet. Individual load cells can be isolated from each other for weight and voltage readings, allowing a technician or
  • operator to quickly and safely troubleshoot weighing system faults and anomalies.
  • The HI 6020 Summing box is available with a variety of options, including IT, trim pots (for non-Hardy load cells) and a NEMA 4X enclosure in stainless steel, painted steel or fiberglass. The enclosure features a thick-wall design with an interior seal for a long lasting, robust wash-down installation.
  • The NEMA 4X stainless steel models are designed for Hazardous Locations and come with either Class I, II, III, Division 1, Class I, Zone 0 and Zone 20 for the U.S. or ATEX and IECEx certifications for International.
  • A single HI 6020 Summing box supports up to 4 load cells.
  • To connect two HI 6020 Summing Boxes together to support between 5 and 8 load cells, use the TB6 Auxiliary connection between boxes. Stainless Steel summing boxes ith the TB6 option come with 6 holes instead of the standard 5 holes
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