Easy 8 Weigh scale module. Single channel. Plug-in for Micro 800

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Technical Specification
Suitable for countingno
Suitable for weightingyes
Suitable for temperature controlno
Suitable for welding controlno
Suitable for pressure controlno
Suitable for NCno
Suitable for electronic position measuringno
Suitable for CNCno
Suitable for SSIno
Suitable for incremental data detectionno
Suitable for detection absolute valueno
Flux controller possibleno
Suitable for flux measurementno
Suitable for path controllerno
Suitable for cam controllerno
Suitable for flying sawno
Suitable for multi-axis controlno
Single-axis controller possibleno
Suitable for multi-axis positioningno
Single-axis positioning possibleno
Suitable for safety functionsno
Width31 mm
Height62 mm
Depth20 mm
Features and Benefits
  • Plug and Play Weigh Scale
  • In a snap, adds powerful weight controller functionality to your PLC
  • Simple Function Block Programming
  • Speeds Up Configuration and Deployment
  • Samples available free on our website
  • Direct Backplane to the Micro800™
  • Reduce installation time and system costs
  • No need for external wiring
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