Schaffner EMC/RFI Filter High End

3 Phase Regen Filter 520VAC, 80A, High Performance

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Technical Specification
Max. rated current (Ith) at rated voltage DC80 A
Max. rated operation voltage Ue300 V
Number of poles, primary side3
Rated current at AC25...230 A
Rated operation frequency0...60 Hz
Suitable as audio frequency blockageno
Suitable as du/dt-filterno
Suitable as radio interference suppression filterno
Suitable as sinus filterno
Features and Benefits
  • High-performance filter for mainly indus- trial motor drive applications with extremely high noise levels, providing sufficient interference suppression to achieve Class B even with very long motor cables (e.g. machine tools with up to 12 axes with ~10 to 20 m cables each)
  • Broadband attenuation performance and exceptional saturating resistance ensure reliable interference suppression also in applications with regenerative drives (with an additional line impedance)
  • FN 3120 operated on the mains input of machines or equipment contributes significantly to the reliability and immunity by offering protection against conducted interference phenomena coming from the environment
  • Solid, touch-safe terminal blocks offer sufficient contacting cross section according to the EN 60204-1 installation standard, which is very common for industrial equip- ment like machine tools
  • Compact dimensions and light weight design with good accessibility for automatic and hand tools guarantee a simple time and space-saving installation
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