Vacuum Equipment

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Vacuum Saving Valve. Connection thread size for the pad BG1 (G 1/8, Female). Office size 05 (0.5mm).
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Average Lead Time: 8 working days
ZPT (U,C), Vacuum Pad, Vertical Entry. Pad Diameter: ø8 Pad Styles: U (Flat Style) Material: N (NBR) Vacuum Entry: B5 (Female Thread M5X0.8).
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Average Lead Time: 7 working days
ZPT (B), Vacuum Pad, Vertical Entry. Pad Diameter: ø32 Material: N (NBR) Vacuum Entry: A6 (Male Thread M6X1).
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Average Lead Time: 16 working days
Vacuum Ejector, Body Ported Type, Metric. Nozzle Diameter: 10 (ø 1.0 mm). Vacuum Pressure: S (-90 kPa). Port SUP.: 06 (One-touch Fitting Ø6). Port VAC.: 06 (One-touch Fitting Ø6). Port EXH.: 08 (One-touch Fitting Ø8). Accessories: W/ Bracket - W/o Silencer.
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Average Lead Time: 6 working days
IRV10/20, Vacuum Regulator. Body Size: 10 [Max Flow 140 l/min (ANR)] Single Sided Connections: A (Single Sided Connections) Fittings: Straight Connection Tubing O.D.: C06 (ø6mm) Bracket: None Accessory: None Panel Mounted Switch: None
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Average Lead Time: 17 working days
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