PV7 Perf Terminal Keypad/Touchscr 10"

PanelView Plus 7 Performance Terminal. Keypad/TouchScreen. 10" SVGA. TFT Color. Single Ethernet. 24V DC. Windows CE OS License Pro. Performance Model

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Technical Specification
Supply voltage DC24...24 V
Voltage type of supply voltageDC
Number of HW-interfaces industrial Ethernet1
Number of HW-interfaces PROFINET0
Number of HW-interfaces RS-2320
Number of HW-interfaces RS-4220
Number of HW-interfaces RS-4850
Number of HW-interfaces serial TTY0
Number of HW-interfaces USB2
Number of HW-interfaces parallel0
Number of HW-interfaces Wireless0
Number of HW-interfaces other0
With SW interfacesyes
Supporting protocol for TCP/IPno
Supporting protocol for PROFIBUSno
Supporting protocol for CANno
Supporting protocol for INTERBUSno
Supporting protocol for ASIno
Supporting protocol for KNXno
Supporting protocol for MODBUSno
Supporting protocol for Data-Highwayno
Supporting protocol for DeviceNetno
Supporting protocol for SUCONETno
Supporting protocol for LONno
Supporting protocol for PROFINET IOno
Supporting protocol for PROFINET CBAno
Supporting protocol for SERCOSno
Supporting protocol for Foundation Fieldbusno
Supporting protocol for EtherNet/IPyes
Supporting protocol for AS-Interface Safety at Workno
Supporting protocol for DeviceNet Safetyno
Supporting protocol for INTERBUS-Safetyno
Supporting protocol for PROFIsafeno
Supporting protocol for SafetyBUS pno
Supporting protocol for other bus systemsno
Type of displayTFT
With colour displayyes
Number of colours of the display262144
Screen size diagonal10.4 inch
With numeric keyboardyes
Degree of protection (IP), front sideIP66
Operation temperature0...55 °C
Rail mounting possibleno
Wall mounting/direct mountingyes
Width of the front385 mm
Height of the front252 mm
Built-in depth69.6 mm
Features and Benefits
  • Uses Windows CE 6.0 standard features and color TFT LCD, 18-bit color graphics.
  • Monitors applications from a remote location with VNC connectivity.
  • Uses an SD card to copy and restore the operator interface quickly
  • Includes email and texting notification capabilities.
  • Includes 512 MB RAM and 512 MB nonvolatile memory (approximately 80 MB free user memory). Offers display sizes from 7...19 in. with wide screen and keypad options
  • Includes video playback support which provides advanced user help capabilities.
  • Includes RDP client feature to create thin client terminals.
  • Features Ethernet ports that support DLR, linear, or star network topologies
  • Includes option for hygienic stainless steel 304 bezel.
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