2' LMR 195 RA RP-SMA <-->> N BH plug cable >

LMR® 195 type conversion cable with reverse polarity, right angle SMA male type connector on radio side and standard N bulkhead connector on antenna side. Converts SMA connector type to N bulkhead and normally attaches to extension cable on outside of enclosure for indoor applications (this is, no lighting protector). 2ft cable.

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Technical Specification
Ambient temperature during operating-40...85 °C
Length of connection cable0.6 m
With connection cableyes
Features and Benefits
  • Flexible - With a 1/2 - inch minimum bend radius, the LMR®-195 cable is substantially more flexible than RG142 and very comparable to RG58
  • Low Loss - LMR®-195 boasts lower loss than other RG58/RG142 type cables.
  • Achieved through the use of high velocity gas-injected closed cell foam dielectric, and bonded aluminum tape outer conductor
  • Weatherproof - The UV protected black polyethylene jacket makes the cable rugged and resistant to the full range of outdoor environments.
  • RF Shielding - The bonded aluminum tape outer conductor is overlapped to provide 100% coverage, resulting in .90 dB RF shielding (.180 dB crosstalk)
  • Phase Stability - The intimately bonded structure and foam dielectric of LMR® cables provide excellent phase stability over temperature and with bending.
  • The high velocity dielectric results in superior phase stability as compared with RG58 and RG142 solid dielectric cables
  • Backed by ProSoft Technology® - Industrial data communications experts who understand your protocols, devices, and applications
  • Three year standard warranty
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