MachineAlert Volt. Monitoring Relay 110v

Next Generation Dedicated Function Motor Protection Relays, Three-Phase Voltage Monitoring Relay, 110...115V AC (Type V3),

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Technical Specification
Contains function DC-over voltageno
Contains function DC-under voltageno
Contains function DC-voltage hysteresisno
Depth99.5 mm
Height80 mm
Number of contacts as change-over contact2
Rated control supply voltage Us at AC 50HZ100...100 V
Single-phase hysteresis possibleyes
Single-phase over voltage possibleno
Single-phase under voltage possibleno
Three-phase hysteresis possibleyes
Three-phase over voltage possibleyes
Three-phase under voltage possibleyes
Type of electric plug connectionScrew connection
Voltage type for actuatingAC
Width45 mm
With detachable clampsno
Features and Benefits
  • Voltage monitoring relay
  • Guards against the damaging effects of phase loss, under and overvoltage, phase imbalance, phase reversal, and voltage quality of incoming power line
  • Current monitoring relay
  • Provides under and overcurrent detection
  • Thermistor monitoring relay
  • Protects equipment from overtemperature conditions
  • Power (kW) monitoring relay
  • Monitors for under and over active power as well as power direction
  • Power factor (PF) monitoring relay
  • Monitors for under and over power factor detection
  • Programmable latching or inhibit at set level
  • Adjustable time delay settings
  • Three-phase devices are powered by the measuring circuit
  • LED indication for relay, alarm and power supply
  • Global application with CE and UL approvals
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