Enterprise Appliance Transaction Modules (eATM) for your Rockwell Automation controller platforms

Softing Industrial Data Intelligence has launched its modules for the Rockwell Automation ControlLogix and CompactLogix controller platforms in EMEA. These are targeted to the IoT integration and support data preprocessing. Thus, the modules especially fit into Industry 4.0 applications.

Appliance Transaction Modules - Connectivity Modules for Rockwell Automation Controllers

Designed for Enterprise-to-Controller or Controller-to-Controller data exchange. Set-up of tag/array data transfer is done graphically via configuration software. Once completed, the modules alone handle all data exchange - no other software is required.

Connect ControlLogix PLC to SQL Databases and Cloud Applications

eATM tManager enables bi-directional data exchange.

Softing eATM tManager

eATM tManager – Connect ControlLogix PLC to Databases





eATM tManager - Connect CompactLogix PLC to Databases





  • Upload Production Metrics from to Databases
  • Download Recipes from Databases
  • Connect to databases like Microsoft SQL or Oracle
  • Connect to Cloud applications with MQTT protocol

tManager Eliminates the PC

A key feature of tManager is that it eliminates the PC in the middle for connectivity. With tManager, a PC is not required between CompactLogix and the enterprise SQL database server; tManager handles all transactions between CompactLogix and the plant enterprise SQL database.

eATM OPC UA Server

The eATM (Enterprise Appliance Transaction Module) in-chassis module puts an OPC UA Server inside your ControlLogix PLC enabling connectivity to OPC UA clients.

eATM OPC UA Server enables the data exchange between IT and plant floor, e.g. by downloading recipes and manufacturing instructions or by uploading product history or equipment monitoring.

  • OPC UA server module resides in the ControlLogix chassis. PC gateway software    eliminated
  • EASY: “Configure & Go” set-up via graphical user interface
  • SECURE: With PC eliminated, vulnerability to viruses and malware eliminated
  • IN-CHASSIS: Provides ControlLogix backplane connection, owned and maintained by plant floor operations PAC/PLCs. PC eliminated so no need to schedule IT services for support.

Softing OPC UA Server ControlLogix Module


The eATM OPC UA MDIS Server module enables the connection of local ControlLogix PLCs to OPC UA MDIS Clients. The module complies to the OPC UA MDIS companion specification and thus addresses the oil and gas requirements for accessing subsea data.

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