Strip and Crimp Cables Faster with Weidmuller

Strip and crimp cables faster with the Powerstripper and the Crimpfix r Vario. These machines automate the process of stripping and crimping cables, with a cycle time of 2 seconds.


• For automatic stripping of individual wires

• stripping of flexible wires according to DIN VDE 0295, Cl. 5

• Partial stripping of insulation, the isolation remains on wire end

• Change of tools not necessary

• Quick and easy setting for the proper cross-section

• Stripping length from 3 to 20 mm

• Min. conductor length: 22 mm + stripping length

• Electric drive

Crimpfix r Vario:

• For automatic stripping and crimping

• Time-saving and efficient processing

• Easily adjustable to the respective cross-section range

• Stripping and crimping in one work step

• The processing of sleeves or contacts from other manufacturers can cause machine failures and defects!

For an overview of these products, check out the video below:

To view the product, please click here.

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