PanelView 5510 and 5310 Graphic Terminal with Enhanced Logix Integration

The PanelView 5510 and 5310 touch screen graphic terminals are ideal for OEMs and end users looking for a right-sized visualization solution for applications. Using the 5310 Screen sizes range from 6" to 12." The terminal provides 50 screens, connection to one controller and 1000 alarms, plus an on-screen navigation button easily displays information.

The 5510 sizes range from 7” to 19” and has an increased screen count of 100 and DLR connectivity.   

  • Shared Logix tags help simplify engineering time by allowing your controller tags to be used in your terminal without having to create HMI tags.
  • Logix-based alarms are automatically available on the PanelView 5510 and 5310 graphic terminals to eliminate additional alarm programming and help to reduce network traffic.
  • High-speed button control – deterministic and auto diagnosing buttons can interact with the Logix controller at I/O speeds.
  • Runtime language switching will switch static screen text, tag descriptions and alarm messages from the Logix controller.

Watch this short introduction video for more information.

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