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As the momentum grows within industry and manufacturing for a more connected workplace, engineers are being drawn into and having to deal with increasing IT issues. New technology continues to deliver products on a daily basis that require connection to the industrial network, and the pressure is now on to deliver reliable, secure and maintainable networks to sustain the growth and requirement for accurate, always available data.

Routeco has a wealth of experience in the automation space and is now working in partnership with industry leaders such as Cisco, Rockwell Automation, Panduit and Stratus to deliver the solutions that work for your business.

We want to invite you to our first IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)  seminars with key franchise partners to help you understand what IoT means, attend sessions to learn more about our partners' products and have the opportunity to ask questions to understand the benefits of IoT to your company.

Joining us on the day are: Cisco, Panduit, Rockwell Automation and Stratus Technology.


09:30 - Arrival / Coffee

10:00 - Routeco Introduction

10:05 - Cisco Practical Industrial Networking

Cisco industrial portfolio update, positioning and practical aspects of deploying industrial networks. Is a true plug and play network possible? Where do I start with designing a capable and secure network? How can Cisco ease the ongoing operational running of the network and how do I get visibility of the network?

10:50 - Rockwell Automation - Time to Value - Implementing Industry 4.0 solutions in the real world

This session will talk about how Rockwell Automation and their customers are already implementing Industry 4.00 projects powered by the connected Enterprise to provide competitive advantage, and the benefits this is bringing them.

11:35 - Break

11:50 - Panduit - The expansion of Ethenet and Industrial IoT in Manufacturing

During this session, participants will learn the vital importance of having a secure and stable network infrastructure for industrial automation environments.  The session will explore how Panduit’s 5 INs “building block” approach can help simplify robust Industrial Networks to take advantage of Industry 4.0 and IIoT Deployments.

12:35 - Lunch

13:15 - Stratus ftServer - A simple solutions for delivering continuous application available in a modern IA world

This presentation will look at the technology trends in IA that are increasing the need for the highest levels of IT availability, It will explore the options available to prevent system downtime and will explain how the Stratus ftServer is designed to provide continuous application availability while at the same time being easy to deploy, easy to run and easy to maintain.

14:00 - Cisco Security - Protecting the IoT landscape

The threat landscape is constantly evolving becoming more advanced all the time. As more internet-enabled devices are connecting to our network, security must evolve to protect our users and indeed, our businesses from attackers looking to exploit the internet of things.

14:45 - Routeco round-up.


When: Tuesday 21st November, 2017, 10:00 - 15:00 with lunch and refreshments provided.

Where: Celtic Manor, The Usk Valley, Caerleon, Newport, NP18 1HQ


When: Tuesday 28th November, 2017, 10:00 - 15:00 with lunch and refreshments provided.

Where: Dakota at Eurocentral Glasgow, ML1 4WQ


RSVP: please email us to confirm your attendance, places are limited.

For more information contact your local routeco branch on 0370 607 1000

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