Meet Roger

  • Name: Roger Fowler
  • Job role: Creative Marketing Assistant
  • Length of service: 1.5 years
  • Length of time in current role: 1.5 years

What are the 3 Key Skills/ attributes to do your role?

Communication, efficiency & open mindedness to assist and learn new skills.

What are your hobbies and interest/interesting facts/hidden talents?

I have been involved in 3 bands, all failing to reach fame though each band has gotten slightly better, so maybe by band 20, fame will knock on the door. Otherwise I dabble in photography currently focusing on landscapes, (check the gram if your interested rogbfow) playing football and gaming.

Can you tell us about your background/education?

After A-Levels, Photography being one of them, I attended a fine art course, focusing my work in photography then this moved onto a HND course in Photography. I then began working as a photographer/videographer for a couple of companies before moving to Routeco.

What are your day to day responsibilities in your role?

My day to day can vary quite drastically, generally I will be working on various projects involving creating documents for sales teams, flyers, leaflets and banners for events, filming and editing videos for our Website and YouTube channel.

I have recently completed some video work with our Glasgow branch, and will shortly be heading out to our Austrian branch to complete some event filming for them.

What made you join Routeco?

After my interviews with the marketing team and from visiting the Routeco premises a couple of times the nature of the business was welcoming.

What do you enjoy the most about working at Routeco?

The varied creative workload has allowed me to develop my skills in a multitude of areas since joining I have been able to create animations and graphics. This was something I could not do prior to joining Routeco. The friendly atmosphere that is apparent throughout the business and staff is also a great benefit.

What tips or advice do you have for future Routeco candidates?

In my short time here, I have felt very welcomed and that Routeco wants to assist its employees to develop and improve, so if you are dedicated to self-improvement as well as your work, then Routeco is a great choice.

What is your career highlight?

When the credits rolled on the animation I created for the Kick off meeting 2019, it was nice to see my work in front of the business.

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