Uninterruptible Power Supply with Allen-Bradley 1609

Industrial Networking Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

The Bulletin 1609-D family of Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supplies is designed for industrial applications. These power supplies include remote control features and operate inside control panels used in production environments.

The 1609 is uniquely designed for the industrial market to provide back-up AC power to the control cabinet. The 1609 will bridge dips, sags, or brief losses of power.

If necessary, the 1609 will provide enough time to facilitate a safe shut-down of your industrial PC, PLC, data logging HMI, or any other critical device in the control scheme.

Features include:

  • Replaceable Battery & Surge Module
  • Hard Wired Power
  • Panel or DIN Rail Mount
  • Remote on/off enables UPS to be deactivated when servicing electrical panel
  • Battery status monitor via dry contact, serial port or optional Ethernet port
  • Expandable Battery Capacity

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