Meet Tony

  • Name: Tony Queen
  • Job role: External Sales Engineer
  • Length of service: 10 years
  • Length of time in current role: 18 months

What are the 3 Key Skills/ attributes to do your role?

Self-Driven, planning and personality.

What are your hobbies and interest/interesting facts/hidden talents?

Crossfit, I am a fully qualified Bricklayer and I love to bake cakes.

Can you tell us about your background/education?

After completing 6th form and leaving school I became a bricklayer. Whilst working at Routeco I have been supported to complete my NC & HNC in electrical engineering

What are your day to day responsibilities in your role?

Looking after our customers’ needs and providing them with the best customer experience

What made you join Routeco?

One of my close friends was working with Routeco at the time and they had expressed how good Routeco was to work for.

What do you enjoy the most about working at Routeco?

For the first time in my working life, I don’t just seem like a number.

What tips or advice do you have for future Routeco candidates?

Routeco are a company who will invest in their staff who are willing to put the work in.  Development pathways are planned and discussed with individuals, and a number of training options are always available including e-learning and classroom based workshops. 

What is your career highlight?

Passing my HNC in Electrical engineering, after being out of School for over 14 years.

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