Meet Damian

  • Name: Damian Spall
  • Job role: Technical Sales & Group Marketing Manager
  • Length of service: 11 years
  • Length of time in current role: 1 year

What are the 3 Key Skills/ attributes to do your role?

Positive leadership, product & market knowledge and building relationships.

What are your hobbies and interest/interesting facts/hidden talents?

In my spare time I like to collect vinyl records from various dance music genres and mix these on my trusty 30 year old technics turntables! I follow the mighty Ipswich Town FC, even though we are currently heading for League 1!

Can you tell us about your background/education?

I completed my 4 year apprenticeship and electronic engineering qualification while working for an electricity metering manufacturer. I then spent five years working for an audience research company in London where we monitored the general public’s viewing habits!

What are your day to day responsibilities in your role?

Leading and managing our excellent teams of product specialists in the UK, devising our strategy and long term plans with senior sales management colleagues, executing our digital marketing plan across our UK, Netherlands and Austrian businesses.

What made you join Routeco?

Personal circumstances led me to relocate back to Suffolk from London and Ipswich Branch was recruiting at the time.

What do you enjoy the most about working at Routeco?

By far it’s the people that make the company! I enjoy working with each and every person at Routeco and have made many great friends over the past 11 years.

What tips or advice do you have for future Routeco candidates?

If you are passionate about succeeding, like to work hard, enjoy being empowered and would like to be part of a thriving and growing organization then come and join us!

What is your career highlight?

I can honestly say that Routeco is the only company that I have worked for where I’ve truly been constantly encouraged and supported to “take control of my own destiny” and career path, and this is something that I now actively encourage within my own teams.

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