Allen-Bradley 1609 Provides Faster Recovery from Power Failures

Discover faster recovery from power failures.

The 1609 is uniquely designed for the industrial market to provide back-up AC power to the control cabinet. The 1609 will provide back-up power to bridge dips, sags, or brief losses of power. If necessary, the 1609 will facilitate a safe shut-down of your industrial PC, PLC, data logging HMI, or any other critical device in the control scheme.

Without a 1609 in place, you could be faced with nuisance power dips, extended down-time, and potential machine damage; all of which can result in significant and costly challenges.

Features include:

  • Expandable battery capacity to extend run-time
  • Offers EtherNet/IP™ communication capabilities
  • Includes software to allow remote monitoring and configuration
  • Provides hard-wired input/output connections
  • Includes integrated remote on/off and dry contact I/O communication cables
  • Offers true sine wave AC output

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