Micro870 Programmable Logic Controller from Allen-Bradley

Customisable and Expandable for Your Application.

Micro870 controller offers machine builders and end users with a higher level of scalability, flexibility, and customisation. Designed for large standalone machine applications, the Micro870 controller comes with great memory capacity to enable more modular program and use of user-defined function blocks. The embedded motion capabilities support up to two axes of motion with TouchProbe instruction that registers the position of an axis more precisely than using interrupts. Furthermore, the Micro870 controller is capable of communicating on various networks and with devices through EtherNet/IP, Serial, and USB ports.

Programming the Micro870 controller is simple with the Connected Components Workbench software, which provides controller programming, device configuration and data sharing with the Human Machine Interface (HMI) editor for PanelView 800 graphic terminals. The software also supports Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram and Structured Text, and allows copy and paste of ladder codes and instruction sets from RSLogix 500 and Studio 5000 Logix Designer software. For enhanced security, controller password protection is supported for all Micro800 controllers.

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