Enhance your control system in several ways with the CompactLogix 5380 controller

Scalable, integrated and high performance.

Manufacturers are continually looking for control solutions that adhere to the latest global safety standards while dealing with competitive pressures to reduce costs and improve productivity. As the latest addition to the CompactLogix 5380 family of controllers, the Compact GuardLogix 5380 delivers scalable options for high performance, integrated safety in standard and conformally coated formats.


  • Achieve SIL2 / PLd with 1oo1 architecture
  • Standard memory options from 0.6 - 10 MB
  • Safety memory options from 0.3 - 5 MB
  • Communication options for up to 180 EtherNet/IP nodes
  • Conformal coated options for harsh environments


  • Single controller for Standard and Safety Control
  • Single software for Standard and Safety Control
  • Single network for Standard and Safety Control
  • Mix and match safety and standard I/O
  • Networked Safety Functions with Drives and Motion

High Performance:

  • Optimised for faster safety reaction time to reduce safe distance and risk of injury

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