MTL1000 Range from MTL

The MTL1000 range of signal conditioning isolators and accessories are designed to help protect field instruments and control MTL1-(3).jpgsystems to provide safe, reliable and high-quality process communications. This cost-effective solution offers significant savings with its embedded DIN-rail mounted power-bus and compact design. The optional MTL1991 power-bus feed and alarm module offers added power security with the application of dual power feeds with individual supply monitoring.

  • Embedded power-bus reduces power wiring up to 90%
  • High packing density with 6.2mm wide slimline modules
  • Redundant power feed option for increased availability
  • Status indication and alarm relay for quick maintenance
  • Improved signal quality enhances plant performance

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Posted: 13/06/2018 10:34:54 by Becca Hutton | with 0 comments