Continuous availability in manufacturing. – where are you?

In a day and age where everything is instant, manufacturers cannot afford to
lose money through downtime or loss of datastratus-(1).jpg. This is where criticality comes in, redundant servers with no single point of failure, are the way forward and for many reasons too, including always being ‘on’. Many will face problems and downtime which are costly from a monetary and timely perspective, though with the products available to us today, this should not be the case.

Stratus provide an all in one solution, that only requires to have one set of software licences installed to achieve redundancy, due to the design of their lock step hardware based on dual processors and a single output. Another valuable gain from this server is, any issues or errors which arise can be dealt with whilst your server is still running, also known as ‘hot plugging’. Stratus FTServer range is fast becoming popular for creating a reliable ‘OT’ / engineering server on which to consolidate machine applications and host programming software and general engineering files  etc. The server provides redundancy and with an optional support package offers a 24/7 running solution for engineers that want to take control of their network without becoming full time IT engineers.

What we really want is 24/7 monitoring and this server allows that to be a reality. We need our factories to be secure, in good performance shape and in an IoT world duly monitored.

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