In-Sight 9912 Vision System

Are you looking to improve your manufacturing quality and performance by eliminating defects, verifying assembly and tracking information at every stage of the production process?

The In-Sight 9912 is Cognex’s first standalone, ultra-high-resolution, area scan vision system.

With its ability to acquire and process exceptionally detailed images, the 12 megapixel 9912 delivers high accuracy part location, measurement, and inspection over a large area—even when mounted at longer distances. With its all-in-one, IP67-ready form factor and easy-to-use EasyBuilder interface, the 9912 is more cost effective and easier to integrate than most controller- or PC-based vision systems. The In-Sight 9000 series offers both area scan and line scan image capture options.


  • Large field of view without sacrificing resolution
  • A single camera solution to multi-camera applications
  • Fully configurable—no programming required
  • Industry-leading vision tools and image processing technology

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