Bulletin 1609 by Allen-Bradley

Are you looking to recover quickly from a line power interruption?

A UPS can keep the control system, networks and sensors powered, so, when power returns, the control system knows where everything is and can start up without having to completely reset and clear the work in process.

The 1609 is uniquely designed for the industrial market to provide back-up AC power to the control cabinet. The 1609 will provide back-up power to bridge dips, sags, or brief losses of power. If necessary, the 1609 will facilitate a safe shut-down of your industrial PC, PLC, data logging HMI, or any other critical device in the control scheme. Without a 1609 in place, the customer is faced with nuisance power dips, extended down-time, and potential machine damage; all of which can result in significant and costly challenges.

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