Connected Components Workbench Design and Configuration Software

Configure. Program. Visualise.

Simplify standalone machine development for multiple industries with the Connected Components Workbench software. As part of the Integrated Architecture system from Rockwell Automation, the Connected Components Workbench software provides device configuration, controller programming, and integration with Human Machine Interface (HMI) editor while reducing initial machine development time and cost.

The software also provides the flexibility to switch the ladder programming environment between default IEC and Logix themes. This is available in both Standard and Developer Editions.

This software is developed based on proven Rockwell Automation and Microsoft Visual Studio technology, and is:

  • Easy to Configure – Single software package reduces initial machine development time and cost
  • Easy to Program – Simplify programming process with sample code and user-defined function blocks
  • Easy to Visualise – Reference Micro800 variables directly when creating HMI tags

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