The Global Leader in Thin Client Management and Industrial Mobility Solutions

ThinManager is the only industrial platform that securely manages users, devices and locations. It is built from the ground up with features specifically designed to enhance automation networks used in industrial manufacturing and process control environments.

ThinManager is:

  • A software platform for automation networks that enables secure, centralized configuration and delivery of applications and content to every PC, thin client, mobile device and user.
  • Increases safety and security through powerful visualisation and authentication features to help reduce your maintenance and downtime by simplifying the management of all devices and users.
  • Offers a built-in mobility solution -- Relevance®, the only location-based mobile management platform, allows applications and content to be securely delivered to mobile devices at specific locations within your facility

Increase your productivity, visualisation, mobility and security from one easy-to-use, centralised and scalable management platform.

  • Productivity – ThinManager provides a powerful set of tools that lets you focus on producing more with less downtime.
  • Visualisation – Centralized management of applications and visual sources, all from a single user interface
  • Security – Allows you to configure multiple forms of user authentication including RFID badges, biometrics and more.
  • Mobility – Deliver the right content to the right person in the right place with ThinManager Relevance.

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