IXON products provide secure and reliable connectivity between machines and the cloud.

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IXON is a leading provider of secure and reliable connectivity IoT solution that bridges the gap between machines and the cloud. Founded with the goal of simplifying cloud connections, IXON cloud aims to make them more accessible, secure, and user-friendly for machine builders, system integrators, and end user manufacturers.

At the heart of the IXON offerings is their cloud-based architecture, which ensures easy deployment and management. Thanks to their innovative no-code approach, this IoT solution can be utilised by anyone, regardless of their technical expertise. This versatility makes IXON an invaluable tool for machine manufacturers, system integrators, and end user manufacturers of all sizes.

IXON cloud offers a comprehensive end-to-end service that covers essential functionalities including remote access, data logging, dashboards, and alarming. With IXON, you can securely connect your machines to the cloud, enabling real-time monitoring and receiving alerts when issues arise. The customisable dashboards provided by IXON cloud allows you to tailor the displayed data to your specific needs. Furthermore, IXON cloud supports seamless integration with third-party solutions, providing flexibility and compatibility with existing systems.

Optimise Your Services With a Scalable IoT Solution

The IXON router offers a seamless integration of their edge devices and IoT platform. The IXON router, an industrial VPN router and data gateway, has been specifically designed to securely connect machines. It comes in four variants, supporting Wi-Fi, 4G, and Ethernet requirements, or a single model that covers all connectivity options.

With IXON, you gain the ability to securely connect your machines to the cloud, monitor them in real time, receive timely alerts, customise dashboards, and seamlessly integrate with third-party solutions. To learn more about the IXON router and their transformative solutions, visit their website for detailed information and to explore the full range of benefits they offer. Trust IXON to optimise your machine connectivity and enhance your operational efficiency with their secure and reliable connectivity solutions.

With IXON, you can:

  • Securely connect your machines to the cloud
  • Monitor your machines in real time
  • Receive alerts when problems occur
  • Customise your dashboards to fit your needs
  • Integrate with third-party solutions

Advanced Connectivity Solutions: IXON ix2405, ix2400, ix2415, and ix2410

IXON offers a range of advanced connectivity solutions, including the IXON ix2405, IXON ix2400, IXON ix2415, and IXON ix2410. These versions of the industrial router are designed to provide secure and reliable connectivity for your equipment.



The IXON ix2400 ensures secure connection to your equipment from anywhere, thanks to its built-in firewall. With this feature, you can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment is protected.

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IXON iXrouter IX2405


For enhanced connectivity, the IXON ix2405 adds 4G/LTE connectivity to the ix2400. This upgrade enables you to leverage high-speed mobile data networks, ensuring seamless and efficient communication between your equipment and the cloud.

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IXON router IX2410


If Wi-Fi connectivity is your preference, the IXON ix2410 is the perfect choice. By adding Wi-Fi capability to the ix2405, you can connect your equipment to local wireless networks, offering even more flexibility in your connectivity options.

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IXON router IX2415


For the ultimate connectivity solution, the IXON router ix2415 combines the features of the ix2405 and ix2410, providing both 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity. With this powerful combination, you can enjoy the benefits of reliable and high-speed cellular connections, as well as the convenience of local wireless networks.

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To complement the IXON router, they also offer a range of accessories including power supplies and antennas. These accessories are designed to optimise the performance and connectivity of your equipment, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.

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More about IXON

Visit the IXON cloud website to explore these products and accessories in more detail. With their secure and reliable connectivity solutions, you can confidently connect your equipment to the cloud and unlock the full potential of your IoT capabilities. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your connectivity infrastructure with IXON advanced solutions.


Watch the video below to find out how IXON cloud has revolutionised machine capability and the way they connect and work with networks. 


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