10' LMR 400 N Plug <-->> N plug cable >

LMR®-400 extension cables with standard N plug connector on both ends. Use to connect antenna to lightning protector on bulkhead. 10ft cable.

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Technische specificatie
Ambient temperature during operating-40...85 °C
Length of connection cable3 m
With connection cableyes
Kenmerken en voordelen
  • ProSoft Technology-supplied cables are designed to provide the lowest attenuation and are pre-cut and assembled with connectors at the factory to ensure ultimate reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • LMR®-400 Cables are ideal for jumper assemblies in wireless communication systems and short antenna feed runs of less than 100 feet.
  • Flexible: With a 1-inch minimum bend radius, LMR® 400 cable can be easily routed into and through tight spaces without kinking.
  • Low Loss: LMR® 400 has the lowest loss of any RG8/RG13 type cable. This is achieved through the use of a high velocity gas-injected closed cell foam dielectric, and bonded aluminum tape outer conductor.
  • Weatherproof: The UV protected black polyethylene jacket makes the cable rugged and resistant to the full range of outdoor environments.
  • RF Shielding: The bonded aluminum tape outer conductor is overlapped to provide 100% coverage, resulting in >90 dB RF shielding (>180 dB crosstalk) and excellent interference immunity (ingress and egress).
  • Phase Stability: The intimately bonded structure and foam dielectric of LMR® cables provide excellent phase stability over temperature and with bending. The high velocity dielectric results in superior phase stability as compared with solid and air-spaced dielectric cables.

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