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What are cookies?

Used by many websites, cookies are tiny text files which your web browser stores in order to give websites the ability to remember (and enable various functionality). Cookie files help us to give you a better experience on our website.   

This cookies policy (the “Policy”) is applicable to all visitors and users (“User(s)” or “You”) of this website, (the “Site”).

The purpose of this Policy is to provide You with information concerning:

  • The cookies that may, subject to your choices, be installed for a limited period of time on your browsing device during your visit of the Site; and
  • Your rights in that regard.

Please note that this Policy may be updated from time to time to take into account modifications of cookies used on the Site as well as relevant legal and regulatory evolutions. We therefore recommend You to regularly consult this Policy.

Your choices regarding cookies

Your consent is required to activate certain cookies on the Site which are not strictly necessary for You to use this Site and that do not fall under the scope of legal exceptions to the collection of consent.

We acknowledge that your consent needs to be freely given, specific, informed, unambiguous and expressed through a positive act on your behalf.

As such, we provide You with the following information:

  • the purpose of the use of each third-party cookie;
  • instructions on how to accept or refuse the use of non-essential cookies;
  • the consequences in case of refusal; and
  • the existence of your right to withdraw consent at any time.

You are free to accept or not the use of cookies that are not technically necessary to navigate this Site (instructions below). You can also manually delete cookies stored by your web browser whenever you like. In any case, the refusal of non-essential cookies will not obstruct your access to the Site; however, please note that by refusing or deleting additional cookies, You may deactivate some of the Site’s functionality.

Expressing your cookie choices through the cookies banner

Your consent to the use of cookies will be collected though a banner system appearing on the Site. This will offer you the opportunity to opt-in or out to non-essential cookies.

Please note that You are entitled to withdraw your consent or modify your choices at any time by clicking the button below.

Manage Cookie Consent

Learn more about who we are, how you can contact us and how we process personal data in our Privacy Policy.

Your consent applies to the following domain: (and any language variants).

What cookies does use?

We can categorise our use of cookies into Essential and Additional. Additional cookies enable our analytics and marketing efforts. Sometimes we work with third parties to deliver certain services, and this requires third party cookies as follows: 

Essential Third Party Cookies

Cookie Third Party Details
__lc_cid LiveChatInc Required for the Live Chat communication channel.
__lc_cst LiveChatInc Required for the Live Chat communication channel.
__oauth_redirect_detector LiveChatInc Required for the Live Chat communication channel to recognise visitors using live chat at different times in order to optimise the chat box functionality.


Additional Cookies

Cookie Third Party Details
UserMatchHistory LinkedIn LinkedIn sets this cookie for LinkedIn Ads ID syncing.
AnalyticsSyncHistory LinkedIn Used to store information about the time a sync with the lms_analytics cookie took place for users in the Designated Countries.
lang LinkedIn LinkedIn sets this cookie to remember a user's language setting.
bcookie LinkedIn LinkedIn sets this cookie from LinkedIn share buttons and ad tags to recognize browser ID.
lidc LinkedIn LinkedIn sets the lidc cookie to facilitate data center selection.



This Policy has been drafted in English. Although translations in other languages of this Policy may be available, such translations may not be up to date or complete. Accordingly, You agree that in the event of any conflict between the English language version of the Policy and any other translations relating thereto, the English language version of the Policy shall prevail.

Version of the Cookie Policy

Last updated on 22 February 2022.