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Whether it is managing environmental impact or interacting with our CSR_Routeco_About_Us-(3).jpgcustomers, suppliers and employees, our commitment to responsible business practices is absolute.

Our focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) forms part of our commitment to meet one of our core objectives: Sustainability profitability is fundamental. 

CSR focuses on a number of initiatives; however the 3 core areas are:

Environment: Taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Workplace:  Providing a safe environment and treating employees fairly and ethically.

Community: Giving Back, whether it involves giving money or time, we have a lot of resources that can benefit charities and local community programmes.


We recognise the importance of protecting the environment and actively working towards putting environmental sensitivity at the forefront of our business decisions and operations.

Some of our key environmental activities:

  • In the last 24 months we have reduced the landfill waste from 95% to 75%, and then down further to 52%. Our target for our FY16 is to reduce this by a further 15%.
  • We have obligations as a business to remove waste metal, wood, chipboard and WEEE waste in the appropriate manner. Routeco recently supported the Milton Keynes Council Run WEEE initiative at the National Bowl. For more information on the WEEE initiative click here
  • We operate an office recycling scheme in MK through Biffa. Staff use the waste stations around the building rather than under the desk bins. One bin for recycling (plastic, paper, card and tin) and the other for general waste. This will be introduced into the other Routeco branches.
  • Installation of Philips CoreLine LED Panel recessed luminaires at Routeco’s head office helping to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. To date we have seen a reduction in electricity usage by 20% with the additional benefit of improved lighting conditions for staff.  Click here to read more.
  • In June 2013 Routeco invested in a Compactor which produced bales of card and plastic from Milton Keynes warehouse waste. In the last 12 months we have produced over 52 tonnnes of cardboard waste and 1 tonne of C Grade Plastic waste. This machine produces ½ tonne bales of cardboard which is then used in pulp recycling plants.
  • Lighting project in Milton Keynes Warehouse – 300Watt Metal Halide fittings installed when building was erected in 2000, have been replaced by Dialight LED High Bay light fittings. Lighting levels have been increased from 60-100lux to over 200 lux at floor level.
  • Wherever possible we use second life or recycled packing materials.

Please click here for further information on our environmental policy.


Routeco are a growing organisation whose vision for the future is to be both an employer of choice and partner of choice to our customers and suppliers.

We aim to provide an environment where staff are listened to, respected, congratulated, rewarded and helped to reach their full potential; providing excellence in all they do.  

By providing this environment we hope to create the desire for our employees, customers and suppliers to choose Routeco to work with on a daily basis, building a sustainable business and providing security for our families and our community.



We have taken part in some amazing events for charity.

These included the Three Peaks Challenge, a quiz night, the Manchester colour run and the Extra Mile Challenge cycling over 500 miles across France. In total, they raised over £4000 for charity.

Our weekly dress down days have raised over £2,000 in 2015

Milton Keynes Community Foundation - £5000 donation

The Community Foundation help to transform lives and strengthen communities across Milton Keynes from donations received. They support local people who are working to make a real difference to vulnerable, isolated and disadvantaged people in MK.

In addition they specialise in awarding grants to smaller, lesser known charities and groups alongside supporting well known charities such as MK YMCA and Ride High.