Our IoT Vision

What is Routeco's vision for the future of Industrial Automation and IoT?

With the growing momentum of what we know as IT/OT convergence, Industry 4.0 (Fourth Revolution) and the Connected Enterprise; working out what being SMART really means for your business, can be a challenge. One of the key challenges being, how to gain visibility and transparency across your total business. When full visibility is achieved then improved processes, assets, locations, real-time accurate data, sustainable improvements in productivity and profitability, become automatic and inevitable.


The danger in this goal is that the desire to get quick data very often means, that not enough commitment is given to building a solid and robust network infrastructure; the consequences of which can be seen across many businesses today. In order to have real-time accurate data, businesses need to invest their time, money and effort into their industrial network infrastructure including the convergence of IT/OT.

Routeco are able to provide expertise as a consultative SMART facilitator to our customers, to help you achieve the visionary improvements in the business performance you are striving for.

The process is not simple, but committing professionally to implementing it correctly will return the level of dividends that progressive business are looking for; knowledge allows us to highlight products, services and partnerships that enable us to deliver your SMART vision in a totally scalable and bespoke way. 

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