Enhance Visualisation with ThinManager

Centralised management of applications and visual sources, all from a single user interface.

Visualisation.pngModern automation is all about visualisation. There are many different applications that you rely on to keep your automation network up and running at peak performance. From the plant floor to the control room, it is imperative that you always be able to keep an eye on every aspect of production.

ThinManager not only excels at delivering your content where you need it, but also at presenting your content the way you want to view it. From multiple monitors, to IP and USB cameras, to shadowing every terminal on the network, ThinManager provides all the tools you need to make sure you have the ability to see every device and user operating in your automated environment.

With the new Virtual Screening ability, you can now customise the way you present applications and data from multiple sources. Design your view to meet all your needs without rewriting a single line of code.

ThinManager also supports more touchscreens than any other platform. Changing drivers or calibrating screens is as simple as a few clicks.

  • MultiMonitor
    • Use up to five monitors from a single thin client (supported hardware required)
  • Terminal-to-Terminal Shadowing
    • Allows a terminal to shadow another terminal without the ThinManager interface
  • Virtual Keyboard
    • A simple 'hold time' event allows operators to access the keyboard with the press of a finger
  • Virtual Screens 
    • Split any screen into multiple sections (up to 16) with custom sizing
  • Shadowing
    • Shadowing allows an administrator or a user to view and/or operate a terminal
  • 4K monitors
    • ThinManager supports high-resolution 3840x2160 4K monitors
  • Session Tiling
    • View up to 25 screens on a single monitor. Click any tole to launch a full screen working session. 
  • Session Scaling
    • Scale sessions up or down to fit a screen keeping the same aspect ratio or forcing it to fit
ThinManager is available to buy from Routeco now! Please phone 0370 607 1000 or email [email protected] for more information.