Design and Engineering

Fierce competition and higher customer expectations are forcing machine builders to add functionality, improve quality, lower selling prices and shorten time to market. This all places new pressures on every process within the whole “design to delivery” cycle.

Routeco and its partners have the technical capability to look at a complete machine control solution, delivering on improved Machine performance, increased data production and OEE whilst also lowering Total Cost of Ownership. Our resource is such that we are able to position what challenges there will be to change, (technically and commercially) and how we could remove them with minimal impact to the machine builder and its customers. This will ensure maximum profitability for the machine builder and also help in delivering on the demands of their market place. 

Typical Issues

  • Multiple manufacturers products
  • Engineering department capacity
  • Time to evaluate new technology
  • Engineers heavily involved in supply chain issues
  • Electrical design done with mechanical drawing package
  • Customer specification changes mid-build

Example Objectives

  • Achieve best system performance
  • Automation of design and purchase
  • Machine audit for increased machine performance and lower TCO
  • Evaluation of electrical drawing package
  • Architecture design assistance
  • Increase in engineering department capacity
  • No risk strategy on alternative technology
  • Value engineering workshops
Assistance with electrical drawing package implementation

Many OEMs we engage with do not have a dedicated electrical drawing package and as such may benefit from the time savings and efficiencies that are available from the deployment of a suitable package. Time savings can be as much as two thirds on a system design (compared with a mechanical drawing package) and Routeco have the capability to engage with OEMs to evaluate the ROI available. Assistance with data bases and part numbering would then be available from our dedicated resource if required.

Web based customer "standard components" catalogue

BOMs are analysed for scope of supply and potential better/equal performing (lower cost) alternative products may be suggested as part of the consolidation process but always with engineering team input. Once total scope of supply is agreed then all items are loaded to a web based catalogue using customer and manufacturer part numbers. This will become our customer`s standard (best performing/lowest cost) products catalogue. The catalogue can be searched in the normal way and net prices/availability is live. This catalogue can also be accessed using complete BOM spreadsheets or even directly from an electrical drawing package to give total BOM cost and availability at design stage within minutes.

Control system architecture design assistance

At time of design concept our technical specialist can engage with the OEMs engineering team to look at the latest concepts of control system architecture in terms of network technology, remote I/O and remote connectivity. We can assist with new technology deployment and ensure knowledge is transferred to the customer as ownership of technology is critical.

Machine technology audits

Routeco and its partners have the technical capability to look at a complete machine control solution, focusing on improved machine performance, increased data production and OEE whilst also lowering Total Cost of Ownership. We will provide a report advising alternatives (if appropriate) and will commit to the removal of any barrier to the use of new / better performing technology.

We can provide you with:

  • Machine Safety Audits and Guidance for compliance with UK Legislation


Smart machine solutions
  • Integrated Safety - Life Cycle Approach & the ability to integrate safety with motion & discrete control
  • Information Enabled Controllers - EtherNet/IP-enabled controllers can provide manufacturing proficiency data back to management or to the machine builder
  • Simplified integration - Unmodified Ethernet IP enabled controllers
  • Real Time Diagnostics - Pre-configured & pre-programmed faceplate & add-on-instructions
  • Graphical HMI & integrated software package
  • Operational Efficiency - Scalable control solutions with pre-configured engineering code
  • Predictive maintenance performed remotely enabled by EtherNet
Value engineering programs

Routeco has the technical capability to evaluate complete machine BOMs, panel assemblies and on machine components to advise on potential ways to improve build time and reduce cost. This could involve sub-assembly, wiring looms or alternative products.

Minimise supply chain issues for engineering

In many OEMs, engineers have to spend large amounts of time dealing with supply chain issues. This can be anything from product selection to chasing late deliveries. Our strategies ensure that engineers do not have to be engaged on supply chain issues as most of our procedures are automated and product selection is from a known web based catalogue.

From manufacturing automation to information solutions, our consultants have the hands on experience and technical knowledge to provide you with more than just recommendations. We offer our customers a comprehensive, objective range of consultancy services to complement our product offerings that will allow you to tackle your problem areas that are reducing your efficiency and costing you money. 

Safety Consultancy

With changes in standards, legislation and the development of safety technology, Routeco plc can provide machinery & process safety solutions including: consultancy, safety design and legislation advice, risk analysis, SIL determination, CE marking, safety checks and ATEX compliance. We also provide training on current safety directives and standards, product, the design of safety related control systems & ATEX legislation. Our safety solutions also include: development of safety systems, design of safety related control systems, software development, validation and verification, application support, project management and product supply.

Energy Audits

Increasing awareness to conserve valuable resources and the introduction of the Climate Change Levy has focussed many customers to review their approach to managing expensive power assets. By minimising their energy demands, these organisations will be best placed to take advantage of reductions in taxation and plant running costs.

At Routeco we focus in two main areas; motors and drives. We offer an on-site energy audit which involves reviewing the installed base of product and preparing a detailed proposal. Highlighted in the report are areas for savings and estimated payback period for new product investment if implemented.

Network Design Consultancy

A typical installed network today may be required to extend beyond the plant and be connected to other networks via the internet. It many cases it may be used to conduct program maintenance, send data to and from MIS and MES systems, perform supervisory control, log events and monitor alarms.

To ensure potential network users get the full benefit of their Industrial Network solution we offer a range of network design services. Our in depth knowledge of Wireless, Ethernet, ControlNet and DeviceNet ensure we can offer a significant impact on networks efficiency and productivity.